• Tony Bonk

Wild Fires and Adjustments

Considering the wild fires in California, mostly in Northern CA around SF but also some in Southern CA near LA, there is a chance the Ari @ SF and Dal @ LAR games get postponed or drastically impacted (and also a chance that nothing changes at all). To monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) can be monitored here:

The Air Quality Index was near 200 (the threshold for NFL would seriously consider moving or canceling) in SF over past couple days and is forecasted to be near 200 levels next two games. Since most contests require entries be submitted Saturday afternoon, we do not have the luxury to wait for an official decision on contests. For bets, they will be canceled but for contests, if the event isn't played by a certain time during the same week (usually by Tuesday), then it is automatically graded as a lost.

Changing Ari to Ind for Contests

For our Ari +7 (or +6.5 for contests), I still have a wager on it but for contests that will be switched to Ind -8. No wager on Ind -8, but will be used for contests.

Holding Dal -3

For our Dal -3 (in Los Angeles), the Air Quality Index at in Southern California is not as high (although it is higher than "good" ranges). With it being a SNF game (thinking the NFL will want to hold it more due to TV considerations) and AQI being lower, I am comfortable keeping that game for contest purposes.



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