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Tip of the Day - Don't Smash Your Face

Industrial Engineers (IEs) are not known for groundbreaking innovations or developing the next great product. However, their impact is more like erosion than an earthquake. Over time their contributions shape the world because they make things better.

IEs bring the process, product, company, or person closer to optimal. Always improving. I can classify many common things as Industrial Engineering, and admittedly most of it likely sounds like common sense. For example, Lean Manufacturing (the idea of eliminating waste / non-value added steps in a manufacturing process) sounds so straightforward and basic that any middle-manager would institute it's principals unconsciously. Well there is a reason that American cars took a nose dive and had to fight there way back into consumers' trust, because common sense is NOT COMMON. If you are into personal finance, you may know that Dave Ramsey exemplifies this nearly daily in his radio program.

In this space, I will be asking myself questions relating to improving, explaining, and predicting (guessing) a wide range of topics. I am an Analytics manager by trade (MSIE, MBA, PE) and curious self-improvement reader by hobby, which is consumed by NFL-pools with close friends at least one-third of the year. I will provide my answers to these questions and look for others to tell me where I'm wrong and what was right. (Twitter, @TBonk24, and Comments here are the best way)

Finally, to bring us back to the title of this inaugural post: "Don't Smash Your Face" is a Tip of the Day from the original P90X program and its creator, Tony Horton. It was used during a skull-crusher exercise, where going to heavy could mean you drop the weight on your face. In this space, I will dig into tough questions but avoid analysis-by-paralysis (the analytics version of smashing your face...).

A final thank you to two people before kicking things off, without the inspiration from friends (#GetSome), family, and most notably my wife, I would be useless.

Thank you.


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