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Going back to work after the holidays this year, I did not have the same motivation I usually do to start the new year. However, a recent Bulletproof Podcast (#555) with Brendon Burchard changed all that. The major takeaway I had from this hour-long conversation between Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof; FYI, their coffee is the butter coffee if you have heard of it, it is delicious and I highly recommend it) and Brendon was to be intentional. Whether that is with your daily work, personal life, New Years' goals, whatever.

Paraphrased from Brendon: If you don't tell the world what you want and are intention in creating it, then how can the world help you?

This immediately got me thinking about goal setting in my day job and basic industrial engineering principals (remove waste, you can improve what you can measure).

Three actions came from that podcast so far:

1. I looked up some of Mr. Burchard's books and got one from the library to start, with two more on hold (The Millionaire Messenger and his latest release, High Performance Habits).

2. Taking his advice, I listed out three words that I want to be able to describe myself (what three words do you want to define you? what three words would be written on your tombstone?) and set a reminder to go off three times daily to remind me of those words.

3. Finally, taking his advice in another area, I'm writing down one word to focus on per month and will intentionally act in ways to be more of that word. January begins with 'happy'! For example, making sure I'm happy when coming home after a long day at work or entering a meeting that you may not want to attend. (I'm looking for February to be 'helpful').

Happy New Year.


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