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How Home Depot's ProXtra saved me $600 on $3,800

Rooms of dingy carpet will soon be turning into fresh, clean Vinyl Plank Flooring. As stairs and extra boxes for scrap (typically +10% for a flooring DIY job) jack up the price, it is good to know where you can save money. In my case, I asked a lot of questions and had a helpful store associates tell me about Home Depot's Pro Xtra program. This is a free loyalty program for contractors and big DIY jobs, and it just saved me $600.

Initially, I was wary, thinking it was a credit card program or a "too good to be good" type discount (a "buy another 2,000 sq. ft and get $15 off" type deal). After getting a quote for all the materials and supplies, which is highly recommended so you can compare prices with other retailers, online, etc., the store associate mentioned that she can run the quote through her contractor program for potential savings. Knowing nothing of this program, my skepticism spiked. However, I became quite interested after it dropped over $500 off the total price. Regardless, knowing I wasn't buying to materials that today, and being a bit skeptical, I thanked her and took the estimate home to go research.

After more research, I signed up for the Pro Xtra program. It is designed as a loyalty program for contractors but you do not need be a licensed contractor. They freely welcome those with DIY projects. Great DIYers for those looking to save cash.

A couple days later and back at the store, I was more informed and ready to ask better questions. The new associate was helpful and the revised estimate came to approximately $3,800, which kicked off my questions to test the program's savings. The associate did not think there would be much, based on the materials I had chosen, but to her surprise and my pleasure, it saved $600 on the original $3,800, bringing us to $3,200 total. BOOM!

To top it off, later that day Pro Xtra emailed me a $20 off $200 coupon, which was used on other required supplies -> $620 in the black. Home Depot got my business and I got the best price by far. With lawn equipment next on the list to investigate, it's a good feeling knowing you are ahead. (New mower questions: used vs new, gas vs electric...? FYI, with these savings, I'm leaning a new electric mower with weed whacker plus an extra battery).

Thanks to research, asking questions, and a fitting loyalty program, our project is ahead of budget making other items possible.



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