• Tony Bonk

First Half Point Differential

Thanks to Michael Lombardi for talking about this stat last year and for recommending it as one of the most important parts of the box score: First Half Point Differential.

Quick review of how this regular season stat related to the Super Bowl, starting with last year

-SB 52 (last year): Philadelphia (2nd) beat New England (1st)

-SB 51: New England (1st) beat Atlanta (2nd)

-SB 50: Denver (9th) beat Carolina (1st)

-SB 49: New England (2nd) beat Seattle (10th)

Defensive-driven teams certainly standout as the contrary to this stat with the recent Denver and Seattle teams.

And how's it look for this year...?

1. Bears

2. Chiefs

3. Patriots

4. Rams

5. Texans

Other notables: Chargers (7), Saints (8), Colts (9), Cowboys (10), Eagles (18)

Check the visualization below to see yourself.

(Filters based on game date, I will have to add a friendly season year and week to future data to make it easier to click through seasons)

Go straight to Viz here. Not yet optimized for mobile viewing.

Final takeaway?

Look at the past five seasons (entire data set in the Viz) and holy moly... New England is crushing the rest of the league. Looks like they are prepared for their games...


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