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Divisional Rd - What do Circles and Switzerland have in Common?

What do Circles and Switzerland have in common?



No Sides!

Unfortunately, our model has that in common as well this week. It does not like any sides (ATS) or Totals for any games. Sometimes the most powerful advantage we have against the books, is that we do not have to make a bet.

Even excluding Min's and Bal's week 17 game where they did not play starters, the model has leans (see predictions below) but nothing within the "Filtered" range (worthy of a bet).

Enjoy the games and heads up, coming soon is a post on key numbers for ATS and Totals. It will include data since 2012 but will focus on numbers since 2015, when the extra points were moved back.

A quick recap of our season, including the 1-1 from Wild Card weekend:

Bet Tracking 2019, Filtered

Go here to see full ATS and Total breakdown on a week-to-week layout (FYI: it works better on desktop rather than mobile).

Results through Week 18wc, 2019

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Consider these leans, but not full wagers, and maybe they help you if you already like a side.

1. Min +7 (Min @ SF -7), Saturday

2. Hou +9.5 (Hou @ KC -9.5)

3. Ten +10 (Ten @ Bal -10), Saturday

4. GB -4.5 (Sea @ GB -4.5)

ATS Predictions, Divsional Weekend, 2019-20 Season


No wagers on Totals for us this week. Here are the leans, but remember, they are not wagers and hopefully they can help you in you are on the fence about an existing wager.

All leans are to the Under.

1. Hou @ KC - Under 51

2. Min @ SF - Under 44.5

3. Ten @ Bal - Under 47

4. Sea @ GB - Under 46.5

Total Predictions, Divisional Weekend, 2019-20 Season


No shocker, SU likes all home favorites, especially since the favorite team wins 66% of the time.

In order of who most reflects a winner: KC is the highest, while Bal next, and interesting that GB is higher than just a shade, but that's 2.5 points of difference in the spread which the Straight Up the model thinks is no difference in who most reflects a SU winner.

Straight Up Predictions, Divisional Weekend, 2019-20 Season

Enjoy the games.


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