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Conf. Champs, Stay Away and Enjoy

No model picks this week, either ATS or Total.

Enjoy the games, the model output are below for reference (ATS, Total, and SU).

I leave you with a trivia question...
Since the XP was moved back for the 2015 season, what are the top 3 key numbers, in order, for ATS and Totals?

Don't worry about home or away win for ATS, '+' or '-' 3 can just be 3. The answer will be posted next week, in the key numbers article during the week in between conference championships and SB.

Results Review

With no bets last week, our season recap is the same as last week's post, including the 1-1 from Wild Card weekend:

Go here to see full ATS and Total breakdown on a week-to-week layout (FYI: it works better on desktop rather than mobile).

Splits on ATS and Totals, with Top-5 (for contests) and Top-1 (similar to a "best bet"):

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No official bets (although may be looking live bets... but will likely just sit back and enjoy).

If you have a bet or a lean, maybe these numbers help you with where you are leaning. A prediction closer to 0 means Away Team to cover, while closer to 1 is Home Team to cover.

ATS Predictions, Conf. Champ., 2019-20 Season

*To be an ATS "filtered" game (worthy of a bet), the prediction must be less than 0.45 or greater than 0.55.


No official bets, but like mentioned above, maybe this helps you if you have a lean or upcoming wager.

A prediction closer to 0 is to the Under, while closer to 1 is Over.

Total Predictions, Conf. Champ., 2019-20 Season

*To be a Total "filtered" game (worthy of a bet), the prediction must be less than 0.43 or greater than 0.57.


With two big favorites, the SU model choices are no surprise.

Enjoy the games.


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